Olga Chernyavska
Helping you to live a healthier and happier life
Holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.
Olga Chernyavska
Helping you to live healthier and happier life
Holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.

Find out about me and how holistic approach can help you.

Within a safe and accepting environment, I’ll support you to navigate through life’s challenges. There is always hope, no matter what you are going through: worry, stress, anxiety, fear, or trauma.

We will work together to understand your concerns and to overcome them, to improve quality of life and enable you to reach your full potential.

About me:

As a holistic therapist, I consider physical health, psychological wellbeing/health (thoughts, feelings emotions), spirituality, environment (relationships, conditions at work and home), upbringing, background, and values.

The focus on the mind-body interconnection can help you on a deeper level. This holistic approach encourages a broader view on a situation. It can enable you to get to the root of the problems, not just symptoms. By doing so, it can facilitate an improvement in your overall wellbeing and prevent ill health. You can experience clarity, so feel more confident to make better decisions and in turn maximise positive outcomes for yourself.

I am Olga Chernyavska and I am here to help. I am based in Lewisham, South East London.

Qualifications and Trainings:

BSc Psychology
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Grief Movement Guide
Post Graduate Advanced Diploma in Humanistic Integrative Counselling
Post Qualifying Anthroposophic Psychotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Time Line Therapy™ (TLT™) Practitioner
Online Counselling
MA Social Work

Focus on Mind-Body interconnection can help you to:

Realise how the mind and body interact and influence each other
Incorporate the cognition and communication you receive from your body
Traditional counselling and psychotherapy usually involve you using words/language (part of cognition/mind) to:
✔ Verbalise emotions, feelings and thoughts
✔ Analyse behaviour
✔ Decide on goals
✔ Find solutions
✔ Identify strengths and resources
✔ Celebrate achievements
✔ Reflect
✔ Increase self-confidence
✔ Improve communication skills
✔ Make decisions
✔ Build a better quality of life
By engaging the body in therapy, you can also learn:
✔ To pay attention to the body and its sensations so you understand what is being communicated to you
✔ The importance of maintaining physical health through regular exercise, good sleep, diet and hydration
✔ Why it is essential to regulate the nervous system to feel inner peace and have good physical health
✔ How to use breath, movement and sound to release challenging emotions
Create a long-lasting balance within yourself and harmony with others
If spirituality is important to you, it can be included into body-mind therapy work. Spirituality is about acknowledging, understanding and accepting that you are part of something much bigger than yourself.
Recent reviews from my clients
Female, 34 y.o.
Male, 30 y.o.
Female, 35 y.o.
Male, 18 y.o.
I can definitely say that I have become calmer due to therapy sessions with Olga. She helped me to find support within myself. She listened to my incoherent stories, asked the right questions, and provided support. This enabled me to unravel my tangled thoughts.
I am completely satisfied with Olga as a psychotherapist. The atmosphere during the weekly sessions is both calm and warm. I am left with a lot to reflect on and implement between the sessions. By making the links between my past and present, I felt able to let go of some old feelings and situations.
I was surprised by how much I discovered about myself when working with Olga. For example, I realised my own needs, and these should be prioritised for my physical and psychological health. I now have a better understanding of my reactions to stress and other people.
This was my first experience of intensive therapy. I wanted to figure out my emotions at this current stage of my life.
During psychotherapy sessions with Olga, the roots of my emotions were discovered. I felt released from and less burdened by intense emotions.