Olga Chernyavska
Helping you to live a healthier and happier life
Holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.
Olga Chernyavska
Helping you to live healthier and happier life
Holistic therapy with a focus on mind-body interconnection for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.

for dedicated professionals struggling with anxiety and worries.

Welcome to my online / virtual practice

➤ Feeling overwhelmed, on edge, irritable and hopeless?

➤ Being pulled into many directions?

➤ Finding it difficult to relax? Do you have repetitive actions to control your fears and worries, which interfere with daily functioning?


➤ Battling with negative and conflicting thoughts?
Do you struggle to concentrate, focus, make decisions and prioritise? Are you often overthinking?

➤ Experiencing physical symptoms of rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, upset stomach, tiredness, shaking, trembling, pain and muscle tension?

➤ Having many arguments in your relationships?
Do you seek constant reassurance from your partner? Do you find yourself withdrawing from relationships?

➤ Triggered when there is a significant change that leaves you feeling out of control?

If you answered yes to any of those, you are probably struggling with anxiety. If you experienced loss or trauma, the anxiety can be overbearing. The worry and fear of the future create obstacles but you are not alone.
I work with people just like you to:

➤ understand the causes of your anxiety
➤ identify your anxiety triggers
➤ find ways of coping, managing, minimising and overcoming anxiety
➤ process and heal from trauma


With over a decade of experience in the therapeutic field, I help many clients to address their anxiety. Therapy with me will help you understand the causes of your anxiety, identify your anxiety triggers, and find the best ways for you to cope.
As a result of this you will:

✔ Become at peace within yourself. Find freedom from constant worry and fear.
✔ Learn effective and healthy strategies and tools to cope with anxiety.
✔ Have clearer thinking and develop better problem-solving skills. ✔ Implement positive thinking to everyday life.

✔ Experience physical calmness and increased energy.
✔ Lessen conflicts and cultivate your relationships.
✔ Discover how to trust yourself and feel confident to handle changes.

Yoga will enable you to reconnect with your body to achieve wellbeing. Adaptations are made considering your physical health and ability.
Yoga elements incorporated into counselling and psychotherapy
(select weekly or intensive formats) help create a balanced body and mind approach to emotional healing.

If you find it difficult to express yourself

you might prefer these options to address your anxiety:
These approaches will regulate your nervous system, addressing anxiety and stress levels.


Individualised approach. Striving for flexibility and inclusion to accommodate your personal needs, such as a long-term physical health condition and/or disability.


Accepting environment. Inviting you to be yourself
and explore what is right for you.
Positive change. Focusing on positive changes through regular reviews of your sessions to ensure the maximum benefit to you.
Recent reviews from my clients
Female, 34 y.o.
Male, 30 y.o.
Female, 35 y.o.
Male, 18 y.o.
I can definitely say that I have become calmer due to therapy sessions with Olga. She helped me to find support within myself. She listened to my incoherent stories, asked the right questions, and provided support. This enabled me to unravel my tangled thoughts.
I am completely satisfied with Olga as a psychotherapist. The atmosphere during the weekly sessions is both calm and warm. I am left with a lot to reflect on and implement between the sessions. By making the links between my past and present, I felt able to let go of some old feelings and situations.
I was surprised by how much I discovered about myself when working with Olga. For example, I realised my own needs, and these should be prioritised for my physical and psychological health. I now have a better understanding of my reactions to stress and other people.
This was my first experience of intensive therapy. I wanted to figure out my emotions at this current stage of my life.
During psychotherapy sessions with Olga, the roots of my emotions were discovered. I felt released from and less burdened by intense emotions.